One more poker post…

| March 23, 2012

When I was at spring training a couple weeks ago, we had a little poker game with some members of the media and a few PR guys from MLB teams. There was one player who worked for the Giants and one who worked for the A’s, and it gave us the idea that they ought to just settle the territorial rights issue at the poker table.

Can you see Lew Wolff and Larry Baer sitting down at a poker table playing heads-up. With the sunglasses and the iPods.

How cool would that be?


The World Series … of Poker

| March 21, 2012

Hey friends, I just realized that the World Series of Poker schedule is out! Usually I’m right on top of this, but this year they apparently slipped it by me.

As you probably know, I’m quite the poker player. In fact, I’ve been to the World Series of Poker (six times) more times than the real World Series (three).


Baseball and poker

| February 15, 2012

As my longtime readers know, I’m quite a poker enthusiast, so when a reader of my blog wanted to write a guest post about poker and baseball, I obviously said yes. Here it is…


It is the finals of the World Series and it is all down to this. The crowd favorite is down to just one out to keep his hopes alive for a World Series title. Fans are all on their feet and are frantic with cheers for their favorite players while fans for the opposite side are just as frantic. Sports writers, journalist, and media from around the world watch and are ready with their camera to see if the player can make a comeback or fall short.

The official signals and the pitch is thrown. It’s is a deuce of spades, a total blank, and the other guy has just won the World Championship of Texas Hold’em! The crowd goes wild and confetti flies as the fans cheer their new World Champion. Press from websites like and other sports writers start to interview the new champion while family and friends console the loser.


Forget baseball, I’m going to the WSOP

| May 29, 2009

I am about to go play in the World Series of Poker! The logo on the left is linked to my WSOP Twitter page (separate from my professional Tweets), which is where you will be able to see updates on my progress, as well as get links to photos and audio reports from Vegas.

I’m starting on Sunday and hopefully won’t be stopping till late Thursday night! (Although I’m only booked for two nights :) )

Hopefully when it’s over I’ll have an even better story to tell than I did in 2006.

Good luck to me!

Saturday Sideshow: March Madness edition

| March 14, 2009

A once-a-week look at stuff other than baseball…

I love the NCAA tournament. It is my favorite non-baseball sporting event of the year. One of the regrets of my sports writing career is that I’ve never gotten to cover the NCAA tournament. I was less than a minute away in 1996, when Cal State Northridge was leading the Big Sky Conference championship game, but they blew it.

Before you fill out your brackets for your office pool, here are some expert tips. (By “expert,” I mean “someone who has a blog.”)


I stand corrected

| March 12, 2009

Last week in my list of the good things about Arizona in spring training, I mentioned the restaurant Frasher’sin Scottsdale and said it’s a good place to see celebrities “if you consider’s Mychael Urban a celebrity.” While I do consider big Urb a celebrity, today he corrected me and said there is actually a long list of true celebs who have dined there, including Tiger Woods, Barry Bonds, Michael Jordan, Willie Mays, Orlando Cepeda and Charles Barkley.

Another addition to last week’s list of the bad things: the water. Oh my goodness. If you come here, absolutely do not drink any water that comes unfiltered out of a tap. I’m not much of a water snob. Normally I’ll drink tap water anywhere, but not here. It is actually quite disgusting.

Saturday Sideshow: Arizona edition

| March 7, 2009

A once-a-week look at stuff other than baseball…

As you read this, I am most likely somewhere on a freeway between the Bay Area and Arizona. (I’m driving to save $1,500 on a rental car. Would you sit in your car for two extra days for $1,500?) Anyway, this will be my 11th year going to Arizona for spring training as a writer, after a few other visits as a fan. I’ve already told you about how I feel about the games down there. Since this is supposed to be non-baseball related, here are a few good and bad things about life in Arizona during spring training.

The good…

  • Going out to eat. Strangely, this is my favorite part. When I’m on my death bed and remembering all that time I spent in Arizona, I will remember the dinners out with other writers. My favorite place is Z-Tejas (yes, it’s a chain, but there are none in the Bay Area, so it’s OK). It is usually one of my first stops. I also really like Roaring Fork. Don and Charlie’s is a staple, but I’ve always felt it was a little overrated. Richardson’s is also great, but it’s not near Scottsdale, so usually we go on the way back from Peoria or Surprise. If you want great food with celebrities, you should go to Frasher’s. (Well, as long as you consider’s Mychael Urban a celebrity.)
  • The casino. There are a few Indian casinos in the area, but the place I usually supplement my income is Casino Arizona. There are two locations. The one with the poker room is at 101 and Indian Bend. Right now it’s in a huge temporary tent-like facility, but they are supposed to have their new building open soon.
  • The weather. Duh. It’s not as perfect as you’d think. Still chilly in the morning and at night, but the days are mostly pretty sweet. Watch out when it rains though. There is no drainage and the city turns into a giant puddle.