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| February 13, 2009

David Forst answers your questions

| January 30, 2009

A’s assistant GM David Forst, fresh off a trip to the Dominican Republic, answers questions you emailed to me. Enjoy…

Would the A’s consider moving Jack Cust for a young infielder on another club (he could replace Bobby Crosby)? (John)

Unfortunately you aren’t going to get me to comment on specific players or specific trade proposals. As always we are open to listening to any possibilities that improve our club, but we see Jack as an important part of the team in 2009.


Bobby Evans answers your questions

| January 21, 2009

Bobby Evans, the Giants director of player personnel, was very generous with his time this morning. I talked to him for about 30 minutes (except when he put me on hold to take a call from some Neukom guy), and we got to many of your questions. To those whose questions are not answered here, thanks anyway for asking.

Please use the comments section of this post to also thank Bobby for his time.

So, here goes…