One more poker post…

Posted By on March 23, 2012 1:30 am

When I was at spring training a couple weeks ago, we had a little poker game with some members of the media and a few PR guys from MLB teams. There was one player who worked for the Giants and one who worked for the A’s, and it gave us the idea that they ought to just settle the territorial rights issue at the poker table.

Can you see Lew Wolff and Larry Baer sitting down at a poker table playing heads-up. With the sunglasses and the iPods.

How cool would that be?

Speaking of poker, I’ve discovered another source for reviews of the online poker sites that still operate in the U.S. Check out Cardschat poker. It gives you the low-down on which sites are the best for U.S. players.

I haven’t played online poker in a while, but it would be a nice way to get in a little practice before I go down to win the World Series of Poker.


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