Baseball and poker

Posted By on February 15, 2012 6:20 am

As my longtime readers know, I’m quite a poker enthusiast, so when a reader of my blog wanted to write a guest post about poker and baseball, I obviously said yes. Here it is…


It is the finals of the World Series and it is all down to this. The crowd favorite is down to just one out to keep his hopes alive for a World Series title. Fans are all on their feet and are frantic with cheers for their favorite players while fans for the opposite side are just as frantic. Sports writers, journalist, and media from around the world watch and are ready with their camera to see if the player can make a comeback or fall short.

The official signals and the pitch is thrown. It’s is a deuce of spades, a total blank, and the other guy has just won the World Championship of Texas Hold’em! The crowd goes wild and confetti flies as the fans cheer their new World Champion. Press from websites like and other sports writers start to interview the new champion while family and friends console the loser.

What? You thought I was talking about baseball? Sorry folks, I was talking about the finals of the World Series of Poker, the World Championship of professional poker. Every year, thousands of players from around the world descend upon Las Vegas to take their shot at immortality and literally Millions in prize money.

Sounded pretty exciting didn’t it. A bit like Major League Baseball. That was the point. Many people don’t understand how that poker, much like baseball, can have such a huge fan base when there are long periods of inactivity. Texas Hold’em is often described as “hours of boredom followed by moments of excitement.” As you can see from above, the thrills in the game can equal that of baseball and other sporting events.

The great part about the game of poker is that it is an everyman game. Baseball is a game loved by millions of people all over the world, but the reality is that once we hit a certain age, our skills begin to decline and we aren’t as proficient in the game. The great thing about online poker and live poker is that as long as our minds are sharp, we can still compete at a high level in the game. So if you don’t already play the game of poker, check it out. You may not win the World Series of Poker, but you might find a fun new hobby.


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