My HOF deliberations: McGwire and the juicers

Posted By on December 24, 2011 4:07 pm

I didn’t include anything on McGwire in my recent HOF deliberations series because I’ve been voting for him for a while and because I feel I’ve written a lot on my position on the juicers.

In case you missed any of that….

These links pretty clearly explain my stance on steroids and the HOF. Essentially, if I think a guy cheated, I deduct from his statistical resume somewhat, but I don’t disqualify him.

If he used steroids after 2003, I deduct a lot more, because that’s when there was testing and MLB made it clear that steroid use was no longer acceptable.

Anyway, read these…

My 2009 ballot

Manny cheated? Big deal

Manny cheated again? Uh oh

A vote for Barry


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