All signs point to San Jose

Posted By on December 24, 2011 10:09 am

Bob Nightengale tweeted this morning that MLB sources tell him the A’s will be getting approval to move to San Jose by February.

This comes a day after Billy Beane said in his Gio Gonzalez conference call that he has to assume the A’s will get a ballpark until he hears otherwise.

I think all of this matches up with what I, and a lot of other people, have believed for some time.

First, Beane must know something. If he really had no idea about the ballpark, he could have kept Gio and Cahill and tried to be more competitive this year. They are still cheap, and if the A’s bandaged together some one-year deals for hitters, they could have at least made a cursory run at contending. Remember how they were chic picks to be good 12 months ago? But the fact that he’s totally punting 2012 and giving up controllable players tells you he’s not interested in a patchwork team. He’s interested in making a very good team in two or three years.

The second part of all this is: Why are the Giants territorial rights going to finally stop being an issue, after all these years?

Simple. The Giants have whatever rights MLB wants them to have. Period. What matters is not what’s in their best interest, but what’s in the best interest of MLB. At this point there’s no question that MLB as a whole, generates more revenue by adding one more new ballpark. It’s not all going to be at the expense of the Giants, so there will be a net gain for MLB.

Right now the A’s are a drain on the MLB revenue stream. Teams that make money (including the Giants) write a check to the A’s to cover their losses via revenue sharing. If MLB can stop paying one of its teams to lose money, that’s good.

(I wrote this whole post from my iPhone without getting off the couch.)


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  1. Triston Aprill says:

    “(I wrote this whole post from my iPhone without getting off the couch.)”

    This. Bravo. I am indeed impressed.

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