The best player is the most valuable

Posted By on November 21, 2011 1:07 pm

This debate happens almost every year at MVP time: can a player be the “most valuable” if his team doesn’t go to the playoffs, or doesn’t even contend? How valuable can you be on a fourth-place team?

Plenty, I say.

I’ve changed my opinion on this recently, but this is where I am now. If you ask a GM what “value” he wants out of his players, it’s to help the team win games. Period. The player who helps his team win the most games is the most valuable. If the team still doesn’t win enough games, that’s the GM’s fault for not having enough good players.

That’s why I’d have voted for Jose Bautista. He helped the Blue Jays win the most games, in my opinion, by being the best everyday offensive player in the league. Justin Verlander and Jacoby Ellsbury and Miguel Caberera were all awesome, but I’d have picked Bautista.


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