MLB’s new champagne policy

Posted By on April 2, 2011 8:33 pm

So I am standing in the back of the press box tonight at the Coliseum, watching the end of the Kentucky-UConn game, when I look over at the wall next to me and I see a memo detailing MLB’s new champagne policy. See it here.  (EDIT: The New York Times reported that MLB sought some changes last October, but I don’t know if the memo sent then was the same as this one, which is dated Mar. 22, 2011.)

Champagne celebrations probably look pretty cool on TV, but it’s no fun to be trying to do your job in the clubhouse with all that stuff flying around. The Giants put me through it four times last year. Anyway, I’m sure MLB doesn’t care if some reporters get wet, but they probably do want to get some of the alcohol out, especially in light of last year’s Josh Hamilton situation.

“Clubs must take steps to ensure that players and staff celebrate responsibly,” the memo reads.

The first thing that I noticed is that they are limiting the amount of real champagne to two bottles per player or staff member. It says if teams want to have more than that, they should use non-alcoholic champagne.

“Because champagne is made available for spraying rather than drinking, non-alcoholic champagne will serve the intended purpose as well as alcoholic champagne,” the memo reads.

Among the other highlights:

  • There should not be alcoholic beverages other than champagne provided for the celebration.
  • Family members should not be in the clubhouse during the celebration. That’s a big one from my perspective. It’s just too crowded in there when all the player’s wives come in too.
  • Clubs should have transportation made available to take players home, if they’ve had too much to drink.

Those are all good changes. Now, they are just recommendations, so I don’t know if, come October, anything will be different. We’ll see.


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