I think we’ve seen enough of Brandon Belt

Posted By on April 19, 2011 2:53 pm

The Giants have delayed Cody Ross’ activation, and the corresponding roster move, until Wednesday, so we don’t yet know if Brandon Belt will be going down. However, I would send him down.

I don’t think that 2 1/2 weeks of the season is enough to prove that Belt isn’t ready for the big leagues. But I also didn’t think that four weeks of spring training games were enough to prove that he was.

This is nothing against Belt, who I believe will be a solid major leaguer in time. It’s just that history shows us that it’s tough to play in the big leagues. Very few guys are successful in the big leagues with as little minor league time as Belt had. He had one full season. Even the great Buster Posey, who is much more talented than Belt, played one more month of minor league ball than Belt, and at a higher level. Belt has played just 13 games at Triple-A, and he hit .229 in those games.

I wrote early in the spring that the Giants should be conservative with him, and I believe that was their plan, all the way till the moment that Cody Ross got hurt. I don’t blame them for keeping him once Ross was hurt. The injury allowed them to extend Belt’s tryout for another three weeks, letting them see more of him and letting him see more of the big leagues. But now that Ross is on his way back, I think it’s time to let Belt get the time he needs at Triple-A.


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