Brandon Belt makes it

Posted By on March 30, 2011 4:21 pm

Well, the Giants are ready for the Brandon Belt era to start right away. I’m a little surprised that they would allow spring training performance to have this much of an impact — as I said, you have to be very careful to avoid over-analyzing what you see in these “games” — but I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised in light of the Cody Ross injury. The hole in the lineup was going to be filled by Belt, Travis Ishikawa, Aaron Rowand or Nate Schierholtz, so in that sense it’s a no-brainer who you want to see.

But Ross isn’t going to be out forever. Maybe just a few weeks. So is Belt here for good? Or is this just an extended tryout while Ross is hurt?

It will be interesting to see what the Giants do when Ross comes back, if Belt is not doing well. (I’m not saying he won’t. Just that there’s no decision to make if he is playing well.)

I don’t claim to be an expert in analyzing the swings of young players, so I can’t say for sure if Belt is ready or not. At least one guy outside the Giants organization thinks he’ll be fine. I just know that it’s an uphill battle for anyone to play everyday in the big leagues with so little experience in the minors. (I’m not just referring to his lack of Triple-A experience. Remember, Belt played only one season in the minors.)

Oh, also, hope Andres Torres’ legs are feeling good. He’s going to have a lot of ground to cover, between Aubrey Huff and Pat Burrell/Mark DeRosa.


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  1. slamdunk says:

    When Ross does come back, he goes to right field, Huff probably goes to left, with Burrell hitting off of the bench. The major decision is who to cut once Ross is ready to go.There has got to be a plan to somehow dump Rowand, since Schierholtz has more value with his defense late in the game. Sure hate to see the Giants let Ishikawa and Schierholtz go just because Rowand makes too much money.

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