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Posted By on April 14, 2010 9:35 am

Hey, I’m still here. I assume that no one is clicking on this blog anymore, since I haven’t posted anything in quite a while, but in case any of you are getting the RSS feed, just wanted to pop a note on here that I have recently written a few Giants and A’s stories for FanHouse.

Just today I have a story on Jonathan Sanchez, and where he stands in his development. He’s been sometimes very good and sometimes very bad. I’m skeptical that he’ll ever become consistent, because he’s at an age (27) when most guys have already figured it out, if they are going to. You may recall I did a post before last season in which I said I never thought he’d amount to more than a back-end starter, and I stand by that, a no-hitter notwithstanding.

Last week I wrote a story on Edgar Renteria after the home opener. Nothing new in here for Giants fans. It’s written more for a national audience that wondered “What ever happened to that guy?”

Oh, and there’s also that Barry Bonds nonsense. You should have seen the pack of about 30 media members literally chasing Bonds around the ballpark. It was like something out of Amazing Race. Although Bonds is no prince, I think that some of his jerk tendencies have been overplayed in the media. In about five years, it wouldn’t shock me to see him in uniform with the Giants in spring training, giving some hitting tips. If he’s not in jail, that is.

Finally, if you are following my Twitter account, which you really should be doing, because I still tweet quite frequently, you know that yesterday I talked to a scout and asked him if the Giants defense was as bad as we think. He said it was. He said the best defensive player is Aaron Rowand, who is just average. Everyone else is below average. I can’t help thinking that the Giants defense is really what will be their undoing this year, despite all the talk about their lack of offensive firepower. Bad defense counterfeits good pitching, which is all the Giants really have going for them. Look at the two games they’ve lost so far. Defense has been a key factor in both.

Anyway, since I may post something here within the next six months, you should just sign up for the feed so you’ll get an alert when I do.


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