Travelogue: Waiting

Posted By on October 25, 2009 4:48 pm

Sitting on my couch here getting ready to watch the Yankees-Angels game so I can see where I’m going. If the Yankees win tonight, I’ve got to get myself to New York tomorrow. The good news is there would be no particular time pressure to get there, because the workout day for the World Series would be Tuesday. If the Angels win, I stay here tomorrow and wait for Game 7. If the Yankees win Game 7, I might have to take a red-eye immediately after the game to get to New York, if I want to be there in time for the workout.

Of course, it’s also possible that I could just miss the workout in New York, since we’ve got Ed already there. Still lots of possibilities.

The thing that stinks about getting from here to New York is there is no way to get there without doing one of the following…

  • Leave the house before dawn
  • Arrive in New York after 10 pm
  • Fly out of SFO, perhaps dealing with Bay Area morning rush hour traffic to get there.
  • Change plans somewhere, making for an 8- to 9-hour trip.

However, I do it, I’m going to have to do at least one of those things, and maybe two. Still not sure which.

This weekend at home has been great. I made the kids waffles yesterday morning. Then we went to the pumpkin patch, got a nice big pumpkin and carved it up. We’ve had a lot of fun hanging out.


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