Jonathan Sanchez …. told ya so

Posted By on June 15, 2009 9:31 am

Plucked this from colleague Ed Price’s always-informative Sunday Brunch at FanHouse.

In the Giants’ effort to add a hitter, “All they’re doing is dangling [Jonathan] Sanchez out there,” said an official from another team. “Nobody wants Sanchez, and if Sanchez was pitching the way he could, [San Francisco] wouldn’t be talking about him either.” Sanchez has 43 walks in 57 2/3 innings.

As the loyal readers of my blog know, I have been a Sanchez cynic for a long time. The Giants should have traded him a long time ago, when some people still might have believed that he’d be able to make the most of all that “stuff.” Now they’re stuck with him.

That said, Sanchez is a fine option as a fifth starter. He’s better than most team’s No. 5 starter because he’s still got a chance to pitch a really good game every once in a while. He just is never (in my opinion) going to be consistent enough ever to be more than a No. 5.


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  1. Jose San Mateo says:

    I really find it hard to believe that nobody wants Sanchez. I mean his stuff is great, but most of his problems seem to be mental. You can almost bank on the fact that he’ll implode if the defense makes a mistake behind him or he gets hit hard.

    Not to play arm chair GM, but I figure there’d be a lot of guys out who’d think they could fix a hard throwing lefty. Maybe take a chance that all he needs is a change of scenery and a different coach talking in his ear?

  2. GoGyrosWin! says:

    You also told us that Pablo Sandoval will never be a good hitter.

    “Sandoval is going to have to prove me wrong. And do it for more than six weeks.”

    Where’s that follow up artical?

    Now, maybe…just maybe…the Fletcher effect will present itself onto Sanchez. Its starts Tuesday!

  3. Jeff Fletcher says:

    I don’t believe I said Sandoval would not be a good hitter. I simply said that I wasn’t ready to proclaim that would definitely be as good as everyone says. And at this point Sandoval has had as good a big league career as Sanchez had in the first half last year. So don’t be so sure just yet.

  4. Jeff Fletcher says:

    One more Sanchez item: Just today talked to a scout at the ballpark who called Sanchez a “scout killer,” meaning scouts fall in love with his tools but he never produces.

  5. harold says:

    The question is not whether anybody wants Sanchez; the question is, at what price? Every team would take him for nothing. I don’t think he has high market value but that could change with 2 good starts.

  6. Brad Jensen says:

    I agree with Harold. The Giants are not going to get high value for him. If they overvalue him they will not be able to move him. He is young and left handed, but he is still raw and probably needs another pitch in addition to some consistency. He isn’t going to be the answer for a team needing someone for this season’s stretch run. He’s a longer term solution.

  7. DesertFox says:


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