Hey, the A’s are winning!

Posted By on June 7, 2009 9:01 pm

Hey guys, it’s been a while. Don’t worry. I’m still alive. I was at the WSOP for a few days, and then I came back and neither team was at home, so I went a week without seeing any baseball. Now I’m working again, though, and I just posted a story at FanHouse about the A’s rotation.

It’s pretty easy to start having grand visions when the team is pitching this well. You can look back to those years in the early ’00s when they’d start slow in April and May and then just go nuts from June on, and win the division. I’m not saying that’s not going to happen again, but it’s probably not going to happen again.

What’s interesting about the A’s is that they seem to have their corps of young pitchers sorted out, at the moment. (Don’t forget, it’s still a small sample size. Two months from now maybe Josh Outman will be in the crapper and we’ll be all gaga over Dana Eveland again.) Anyway, the thing that strikes me about this A’s team is they still have only one position player who you really like feel is going to be a part of the long-term answer: Kurt Suzuki. Who else do you feel confident is going to be in the everyday lineup in 2011?

Maybe Jack Cust, but he’s 30 and still has no real defensive position, so he feels more like a short-timer to me. He’d be a great guy to plug in around a core of young up-and-coming position players if the A’s were contenders right now. Sort of like a Jermaine Dye, circa 2002.

Where are the Eric Chavez and Miguel Tejada from 2002? They aren’t here.

That’s why I think it’s going to be critical for Billy Beane to get a guy like that if and when (more likely when) he trades Matt Holliday. I’d also like to see if Beane could pack up a couple of the surplus young pitchers (Gallagher, Gio Gonzalez, Eveland, James Simmons, etc.) to try to get some young bats.

The A’s might also have Justin Duchscherer to dangle at the trading deadline, if he can come back and pitch well for a month before then. I’m not sure how much you could get for Duchscherer, though, considering his injury history and the fact that he’d be a two-month rental.


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  1. daveinsm says:

    7th heaven ;)

  2. Mark says:

    They are only 7 games back and the team in first is really unproven. Maybe waiting 3 weeks will do a lot of good to see if Holliday and Duchscherer should even be shopped at all.

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