Who’s on third?

Posted By on March 9, 2009 9:15 am

It’s not Eric Chavez, even though he was supposed to make his spring debut in the field today. Chavez felt some pain in his shoulder while swinging the bat on Sunday, so he’s been shut down for a few days. No hitting, either. Ominous.

So Bobby Crosby is playing third today. Crosby has spent exactly two days working at other positions, and most of that time was at second. Bob Geren said he and infield coach Mike Gallego figure Crosby was ready for third because it’s not that different from shortstop. Second, on the other hand, requires a much different look than short, being on the other side of the double-play pivot.

Yes, we asked Geren if the A’s were showcasing Crosby as a third baseman for the Yankees. Geren said they weren’t, although it’s not like he would have admitted it if they were. That’s one of those times when you have to ask a question even though you know the manager can’t necessarily answer it honestly.

I’m guessing the Yankees can find better than Bobby Crosby to play third anyway.

Bobby Crosby plays third

Bobby Crosby plays third


7 Responses to “Who’s on third?”

  1. Brad Jensen says:

    Awesome. Nice to see Humpty Dumpty back in prime Spring form.

  2. Oakland Sí says:

    I was reading that Chavez had also had a vigorous sesson practicing at third yesterday, before the game.

    That he’s feeling pain is not good news, though unfortunately I’m not surprised.

  3. Aaron C. says:

    “I am shocked, SHOCKED to find that Chavvy has an injury in here.”

  4. Q says:

    Good thing the A’s signed Nomar, eh? I like him filling in at the hot corner much more than I would Crosby or Hannahan.

  5. Brad Jensen says:

    I do too, Q, but let’s not forget about Ellis. There are no guarantees he is going to be ready and we might need Nomar at second.

  6. Q says:

    Can Nomar even still play second? I figured him for more of a corner IF guy these days. I think the hope would be to work Croz into the second base spot, although he doesnt seem too keen on the idea. Let’s just hope Ellis will be ready. At least he can swing a bat without killing himself *knocks on wood*

  7. Brad Jensen says:

    No and you’re right that they would probably have Nomar at 3rd and Croz at second. I’m not sure the last time he played over there although I think he did play a little short last year.

    It sounds like Ellis is throwing from 120 feet and doing pivots and the like so that is a good sign.

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