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Posted By on March 11, 2009 3:50 pm

More live blogging…

  • The game isn’t over yet, but we just talked to Tim Lincecum about his outing. You can listen here. There was much talk about his facing Ichiro, since Lincecum is from Seattle.
  • Travis Ishikawa, who is also out of the game, just talked downstairs about Ichiro. He said he was with the Giants when they went up to Seattle a few years ago, and he was going to say something to Ichiro while he was on first, but “I was too scared.”
  • Japan took a 6-4 lead, scoring five runs against Justin Miller. Miller isn’t going to make the team, so it’s no big deal. Good thing it doesn’t count, so he still has that 0.00 spring ERA.


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  1. Ryan says:

    Chris Haft wrote an article making it sound like Miller stands a chance at making the team, but you say that he isn’t going to make it. Is he out of the running for sure from your viewpoint? Who do you feel will make the Giants’ opening day bullpen?

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