Landon Powell is The Man

Posted By on March 12, 2009 1:56 pm

Just watched Landon Powell throw out not one, but two, would-be base-stealers today. One was speedy Justin Upton. The book on Powell has always been that he’s an above average catcher with a gun, and even has the potential to be above average at the plate. Of course, he’s been hurt a lot and he’s already 27, so it may be a little late for him to blossom into an All-Star. Still, it’ll be interesting to see just how far he can go if he’s healthy.

Today he caught Vin Mazzaro, who made his first start of the Cactus League. It’s the first time I’ve seen the much-hyped Mazzaro. Mazzaro pitched three scoreless innings. He hasn’t allowed a run in four games this spring, totaling eight innings. Not that you can draw terribly accurate projections off a few Cactus League innings, but he sure looks pretty close to big-league ready.

Among the other tidbits from this morning and the first few innings of this game…

  • Eric Chavez is still going to be on the shelf for a few more days before he resumes any hitting or throwing.
  • Orlando Cabrera could make his A’s debut as the DH as soon as Saturday (against the Giants, on TV), and he may play shortstop on Sunday. Nomar Garciaparra is a few days behind him.
  • Bobby Crosby made a diving stop of a grounder at third. He then popped up and threw to second for the force. He also handled two routine plays. He also struck out swinging at a breaking ball on the outside corner.
  • Rajai Davis made a leaping catch at the fence to rob Upton of an extra-base hit (and perhaps a homer).
  • If you are in Arizona and want to support a good cause and meet some ballplayers, check out Ante up for Autism. It is a celebrity poker tournament hosted by former A’s pitcher Dave Stewart and Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp, and the players scheduled to appear include Rickey Henderson, Manny Ramirez, Eric Chavez and Torii Hunter.


6 Responses to “Landon Powell is The Man”

  1. Q says:

    “Bobby Crosby so far has flawlessly handled two pretty easy plays at third. He also struck out swinging at a breaking ball on the outside corner.”

    You could have just said “Bobby Crosby had an AB,” we can fill in the rest!

    Powell was supposed to be up to the bigs before Suzuki back in the day…its really too bad about all the injuries he’s had, as he couldda been great already. Luckily, there’s still time for him to contribute. Maybe he’ll break camp as Zuke’s backup this season? Bowen is pretty much a black hole on our bench.

  2. Brad Jensen says:

    Powell was number one on the chart for a while but the addition of everyday Kendall and a number of injuries kept him back, then while he was hurt Suzuki made a lot of strides and passed him up. I think he is too good to be a backup and only playing in 25-30 games is pretty harsh. I think Bowen is penciled in as the backup as long as he is arby eligible. If Powell puts up big AAA numbers he probably grabs us some prospects from a team in need of a catcher for 1-3 years.

    I agree. Saying Bobby waved at an outside breaking ball and whiffed is pretty much redundant.

  3. Jeff Fletcher says:

    Regarding Crosby waving at that breaking ball, I just threw it in there to see what kind of response I’d get. I figured you guys might come up with some good lines.

  4. MT says:

    I won’t call throwing out Upton as a notable accomplishment. Is he “speedy”? Sure. Can he steal? No. 4 CS in 5 attempts in 2008 says enough…….

  5. Brad Jensen says:

    Looks like the A’s have waived Bowen which would mean that Powell will most likely be the backup this year.

  6. Jeff Fletcher says:

    They reportedly placed Bowen on waivers, but that doesn’t mean he’s not going to be here. Remember, Bobby Crosby was on waivers too. I think it just means they are seeing if anyone wants to take Bowen off their hands so they can a) make Powell the backup catcher and b) clear a roster spot. If no one claims Bowen, I think the A’s would probably keep him rather than simply releasing him.

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