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Posted By on March 8, 2009 1:57 pm

Just got to Arizona and came straight to the ballpark, where the Giants and A’s are playing. Here’s a picture.

A's vs. Giants at Scottsdale Stadium, Mar. 8

A's vs. Giants at Scottsdale Stadium, Mar. 8

I’ll be down here the rest of the month, hopefully getting all sorts of cool stuff, including some audio and video. Although I’ll be mostly covering the A’s (gotta go where the paycheck is), I will see the Giants when possible.

Keep checking back.


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  1. Marvin says:

    Nice picture.

    What is the weather like in Arizona?

  2. OaklandSi says:

    I love seeing photos of the spring training ballparks!

    I look forward especially to your observations about the A’s.

  3. Jeff Fletcher says:

    It’s actually a little cooler than expected so far. It was in the low 70s this afternoon, and cooled down quickly at night. I think it’s supposed to warm up this week.

  4. daveinsm says:

    looking forward to your coverage on the A’s

  5. Jim says:

    Hey Jeff, with Frandsen getting some action at SS today against the Rangers, what does this say for some of the upcoming roster moves? I’ve heard talk of them keeping 11 pitchers, leaving 6 bench spots for position players – do you think Frandsen becomes a 2B-SS utility, and they keep a guy like Jesus Guzman over Juan Uribe as the 3B-2B role?

  6. Jeff Fletcher says:

    Knowing the Giants, I find it hard to believe they’d sign a guy like Juan Uribe and then not keep him. You know how they love “experience.” I don’t think the Giants want Frandsen to play short on anything other than an emergency basis. Remember last year the first plan after Vizquel got hurt was for Frandsen to play SS, but they shelved that quickly.

  7. Jim says:

    I agree – it was interesting, though, to see Frandsen playing some SS today, after last year’s experiment.

    Can Guzman play any 2B. He’s still 24 (turns 25 in June), and seems to have some more pop than Frandsen.

    I think they’re better off giving Frandsen a shot at 2B, moving Burriss back to SS in Fresno, and going with a six-man bench of Holm, Schierholtz, Velez, Uribe (SS-2B), Guzman (3B-2B), and Aurilia (1B-3B).

    Once Renteria leaves, they can slide Burriss in, or let him compete with a FA or any of their other young prospects (Crawford) in 2011.

  8. Dudley Dawson says:


    That potential 6-man bench just made me throw-up all over my computer…..thanks.

  9. Jim says:

    Dudley, Get ready for a lot of vomit, because that’s what you’ll be staring at come Opening Day.

    Unless you’re banking on Matt Downs? Maybe Ryan Rohlinger has a shot? Nope, get ready for a lot of Richie and Juan.

    To steal from the great Rick Pitino, “Manny is not walking through that door.”

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