Eugenio Velez makes a nice grab

Posted By on March 11, 2009 2:54 pm

More live blogging…

  • Eugenio Velez made a nice catch in left field. He ran back to the wall and made a leaping catch against the fence.
  • Just looked up at the TV and saw Jonathan Sanchez pitching for Puerto Rico against the Netherlands. Tough assignment¬†those gritty little Dutch boys.
  • Edgar Renteria just whiffed. Forget it. He’s done… Out of the game, I mean. Brian Bocock is in.
  • These Japanese guys really do play exceptional defense. The shortstop just made a leaping catch of a line drive.
  • Apparently there was some sort of mob scene last night at a restaurant where the Japanese players were eating. A whole bunch of autograph seekers were gathered outside and they had to be dispersed by the restaurant owner.
  • I’ve stopped keeping score now (It’s 4-2 Giants, top sixth, by the way.)¬† Usually happens around the fifth or sixth inning when the starters come out.


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