Dana Eveland, opening night starter?

Posted By on March 13, 2009 4:25 pm

As the days pass without Justin Duchscherer stepping on a mound, it’s becoming more and more obvious that Duchscherer is not going to be ready to go opening night. In fact, he’s probably going to start on the disabled list unless everything goes perfectly in his rehab from here.

That means that Dana Eveland is the guy most likely to get the nod for the April 6 opener against the Angels.

After Eveland pitched 3 1/3 innings against the Indians today, he said he’s ready to be a reluctant opening night starter.

“Hopefully (Duchscherer) is ready to go opening day,” Eveland said. “If he’s not, I’m willing to go out and pitch, but I’m definitely pulling for Justin… I would never consider myself a No. 1 guy on this team as long as Duke is around.”

Eveland pitched pretty well today. The big hit he gave up was a fisted double by Victor Martinez.

Edgar Gonzalez also pitched. He didn’t do as well, although he was burned by a ball that was lost in the sun. At the moment, I’m guessing the A’s rotation the first time through will be Eveland, Sean Gallagher, Dallas Braden, Edgar Gonzalez and Vin Mazzaro, not necessarily in that order.


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  1. Oakland Sí says:

    I agree with you about Duchscherer… I don’t see him being ready to pitch for Opening Day. I also have my doubts about him holding up well enough to start, unfortunately.

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