A soccer moment (bear with me)

Posted By on March 1, 2009 11:31 am

Really quickly here… I hate soccer. I don’t care much for high school sports and I really don’t care much for girls’ high school sports. So the fact that this story stuck out to me really tells you something.

San Ramon Valley High (the alma mater of Randy Winn and Nate Schierholtz, just to bring in a little baseball reference) won the NCS 3A girls soccer championship on Saturday, winning 4-3 against a Foothill team that was not only ranked No. 1 the nation, but was considered the best high school soccer team ever to come out of the Bay Area. What’s more, SRV needed two goals in the final 13 minutes, including one with 10 seconds to go, to send the game to overtime. That’s pretty cool.

Another baseball reference: Grace Leer scored two of the goals for SRV, and if you’ve been to many Giants or A’s games over the past few years, you’ve probably seen her sing the national anthem. She’s one of those child stars.

OK, that’s the last time I’m writing about soccer.


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  1. Jeff Fletcher says:

    Ironically, even part of one of the only soccer stories that’s ever interested me includes one of the reasons that I dislike soccer. After reading this column I see that the game-tying goal for SRV was scored during that mysterious “extra time.” What kind of sport allows a game to go on when none of the players know it’s going to end? I really feel bad for those Foothill players now. OK, that’s really the last time I’m writing about soccer.

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