Giants exec talks about Manny

Posted By on February 4, 2009 4:58 pm

This courtesy of XM Radio. Bobby Evans, the Giants’ newly promoted VP of player personnel, spoke to XM’s Joe Castellano this afternoon, about Mr. Ramirez:

EVANS: “Manny is among a number of different options out there. He’s clearly the most renowned player and probably a future Hall of Famer, so you can’t deny interest if there’s an opportunity to bring him to the Giants. I think it’s clear the Dodgers have the upper hand. They have had the player. They know what he looks like in their lineup. Joe Torre has managed him now. They understand the internal dynamics in the clubhouse and how that works. They’ve seen how the fans have received him and responded to him. And I think if you look at the Dodgers ball club, they need Manny as much as anybody and I think they’re going to do what they can to bring him to LA. We’re going to monitor the market of him. It doesn’t seem to be going down, although he turned down this offer, it was a one year offer versus the two year offer but it was for more money. Again, I don’t know, ultimately, which direction it will go but we’re going to stay engaged and see what happens.”

Castellano: “Let’s say, hypothetically, that somehow it falls apart with the Dodgers and somehow Manny ends up being a Giant. How would he fit in, in your mind? Obviously, somebody if that ilk can fit in anywhere. He’s a great bat in your lineup. But knowing everything that has gone on with him, how equipped are the Giants to handle Manny and the chemistry?”

Evans: “Well, Manny is a player that is going to hit in the middle of somebody’s lineup, number four spot hitter. He’s put up the numbers there and had tremendous success. He’s won everywhere he’s been. He has the reputation of Manny being Manny and a lot of Manny is a fun-loving guy. And that’s what we hear. We don’t have that first hand knowledge but we hear that and understand what dynamic he can be on and off the field. I think it is, for the most part, positive. I think that there’s certainly concerns about how he might fit in a clubhouse and given the youthfulness of our club and whatnot but I think, ultimately, wherever Manny goes, he’s a people person from what we hear, and I think he’s going to make a good impression wherever he goes, as he did in LA, I think, in the last few months.”

So there ya go. I also found it interesting that Scott Boras said he will continue to negotiate with the Dodgers.

I think all of this is one big game of chicken between Manny/Boras and the Dodgers, with the Giants the poor pawns in the middle. I still say he ends up with the Dodgers, and maybe for something like one year with a vesting second year if he gets 500 plate appearances.


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