Saturday sideshow: 25 things edition

Posted By on February 14, 2009 8:00 am

A weekly look at stuff other than baseball…

You’ve seen that stupid Facebook game with the 25 things. I’m philosophically opposed to Facebook, because I think people waste too much time there (when they could be wasting it here). Anyway, here are 25 things you don’t know about me:

  1. I once put liquid dishwashing soap in a dishwasher. Not a good idea. Ended up with bubbles all over the kitchen floor.
  2. I once wrote a story that ended up being “This week’s sign of the Apocalypse…” in Sports Illustrated. It was about a high school sports league that banned postgame handshakes because of a rash of fights. The story went national and was even on the major network news. (I would link to my story, but you have to pay to read it.)
  3. The year after my much-hyped run to 54th place at the World Series of Poker, I busted on the sixth hand.
  4. I have never been to a concert.
  5. I have never caught a fish. (Which tells you I’m not this guy.)
  6. I ate baker’s chocolate, thinking it would taste good. A lot of kids do this, except I did it two weeks ago.
  7. Until two months ago, I had never collected a paycheck in my life for anything other than being a sports writer.
  8. I think the Hannah Montana show is actually pretty funny. “Sweet niblets!”
  9. The impetus for starting this blog was that I needed a distraction after a losing streak playing online poker.
  10. Whenever I hear about anything happening in 1981, I immediately think: “That wasn’t a full year.” Same for 1994.
  11. I was on the same Little League team as Emmanuel Burriss’ college coach.
  12. When I was an intern at a major metropolitan newspaper, I thought it would be really funny to put an off-color joke as a fake lead forĀ a high-school football game story.
  13. I took a comedy writing class in college. In my research for a paper, I had to watch hours of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Bugs Bunny and The Simpsons.
  14. I hate popcorn.
  15. When I was about 9, I wrote a little “book” about a turtle. Now my daughter is 9, and she wrote a “book,” about … a turtle. Mine grew really big and hers can run really fast.
  16. I have never had a pet other than a fish.
  17. At the 1998 All-Star Game in Colorado, I unwittingly gave away a collector’s edition Beanie Baby that was selling for $700 on the street.
  18. I have been to every state except Alaska and Mississippi.
  19. I have had three separate encounters with Wayne Gretzky. When I was a kid, my family stayed at the same hotel as the Oilers in Pittsburgh and I rode in the elevator with him. Then on the night of my wedding rehearsal dinner in Los Angeles, he was in the restaurant with Brett Hull. Then there was this. Clearly, one of us is a stalker.
  20. I lost about 25 pounds after getting a personal trainer. Then I gained 25 pounds of muscle by using steroids. (Just kidding about the steroids part… It was flaxseed oil.)
  21. No one can beat me at Wii tennis.
  22. If I could eat only one thing the rest of my life, it would be Skyline Chili. And if I did that, the rest of my life would not be very long.
  23. I have never been with my son on his birthday (Feb. 23), a streak that will end this year.
  24. I am the world’s foremost expert on making chocolate chip pancakes and microwave s’mores.
  25. I was personally selected to inherit $15.6 million from a prince in Nigeria. I just sent them my bank account information so they can transfer the cash. No more blogging for me when I’m rich!

On to other things:

  • If you have a really messy desk, I don’t think it means you are disorganized. I just think it means you are really important.
  • In a few weeks I’ll be driving down to Arizona, so I need a good book to get on audio for the drive. Any suggestions?
  • Poker tip of the week: In no-limit games, it’s easy to get hung up on the idea of playing a “speculative hand” like 9-8 suited, thinking that if you hit two pair or a straight, you’ll win a bundle. However, that only works if you have enough chips and the opponent has enough chips. Otherwise you aren’t going to win enough when you hit to make up for the times that you don’t. For most speculative hands, you need to have about 30 times the preflop bet to give you a shot. You also have to remember that sometimes you’ll hit your hand and lose, sometimes you’ll hit it and not get paid off (because the opponent won’t have anything). Even worse, sometimes you’ll hit a draw, pay to stick around, and miss totally.


10 Responses to “Saturday sideshow: 25 things edition”

  1. Charlie Casey says:

    For your drive to Arizona, I’d get the book Traffic. It’s really interesting about the history of traffic and road safety. Seriously. If you like Malcolm Gladwell (Tipping Point, Outliers, etc), you’ll love this book. Great blog – I read every day.

  2. Statman Crothers says:

    Lamb by Christopher Moore. Funniest sort of historically correct book ever.

  3. Dave says:

    Skyline Chili? There has to be something else.

  4. Drew says:

    As someone who spends a horribly insane amount of time in a car (I drive a cab in SF), my recommendation would be to find a way to hook your mp3 player up to your car stereo. If you don’t have the plugs already, invest 35-59 in a FM transmitter (brand of choice is called Monster) so you can play your mp3 player through your car stereo on 88.1 FM. I download most every KNBR podcast that isn’t the morning show, PTI & Around the Horn from ESPN’s podcenter page, and the NPR show On the Media. Throw in a few thousand music mp3 files and that’s an easy to knock out 10 hour shift. Lastly see if you can find a copy of Boomsday (by christopher buckley), or if you like history check out some stuff by Harry Turtledove. He’s a UCLA history professor who writes alternative history novels My favorite is Guns of the South.

  5. Jeff Fletcher says:

    Thanks for the replies guys. I do have a thingy to hook up my mp3 player to the radio. That’s how I was planning to play the book.

    I have since realized that since i’ll be driving down on a weekend I should have plenty of spring training baseball games on my XM radio to keep me company, along with all my other XM stations and my music on my iPhone.

  6. Rick Chubb says:

    #19 …I was in that elevator also! Great blog Fletch I am glad I caught up with you after all of these years.

  7. Kevin says:

    #7 is definitely not accurate…come on now Jeff

  8. Kevin says:

    haha, scratch that…I missed the “until two months ago” part…good job Jeff!

  9. Brad Jensen says:

    Good stuff. I’m with you on #5. Keep up the good work. You’re on my regular lunch hour rotation with Athleticsnation and ITH now.

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