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Posted By on February 8, 2009 12:48 pm

Wayne Gretzky, Barry Bonds, Bill Russell and some other guy.

Wayne Gretzky, Barry Bonds, Bill Russell and some other guy.

Clearing out the ‘ol digital photo folder, came upon this…

Ever hear the phrase, “Half of life is just showing up?” Well, this photo illustrates the cool things that can happen to you by not showing up.

Back in December 2003, the local chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America was holding its annual meeting. For some reason, that year I skipped the meeting. Don’t remember why, since it’s the only one I’ve missed.┬áMy fellow members decided to appoint me as the chapter’s secretary/treasurer, since I wasn’t there to object. Thanks guys.

So come April 2004, someone representing the BBWAA needed to present Barry Bonds with his MVP trophy on Opening Day. Because I was the only BBWAA officer in attendance, I got the job.

But this was not just any presentation. It was Bonds’ sixth MVP, so to honor that accomplishment, the Giants invited nine-time NHL MVP Wayne Gretzky and five-time NBA MVP Bill Russell to be part of the presentation.

Along with little ‘ol me.

The following year, I did it again. But this was 2005, when Bonds was coming off two knee surgeries. He was on the disabled list. He came walking out to the podium. I handed him the award, posed for some photos and then he gave it back to me so he could go to the microphone to make a little speech. That’s when he gave his triumphant “I will be back!” and marched off the field to a roaring ovation, leaving me standing there with his award. I guess when you already have six of them, you don’t notice misplacing the seventh.

Funny thing is, I still have it on my wall. Quite a conversation piece, actually.


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