Don’t get excited Giants fans

Posted By on February 3, 2009 11:15 am

You may have seen the news today that Manny Ramirez turned down the Dodgers’ one-year, $25 million offer and you may be thinking: “Perfect, Manny will sign with the Giants!”

Not likely.

I checked in this morning with someone in the know and he believes Manny is still going to wind up with the Dodgers, probably on a two-year deal. You don’t seriously think the Giants can pony up $25 million for one year, do you? I doubt they’d even be able to swing $35-40 million for two years. I think the only way the Giants end up with Manny is if somehow he could be had for $12-15 million a season, two years max.


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  1. TJ says:

    Wow Jeff… if that is the case, then the Giants were never serious about this guy. I believed that they were semi-serious as long as it was 2 years. But I assumed that would be at $45m-ish. You really think they thought there would ever be a shot at 2 years $25-$30m when LA offered him $45 at the very onset of this soap opera?

  2. Jeff Fletcher says:

    TJ, to be perfectly honest, no, I don’t think the Giants were ever serious. I think they basically wanted to be there in case he fell into their laps for cheap because he was so ticked off at the Dodgers and couldn’t get a job anywhere else. I could be wrong on that, but that’s the way I read the situation.

  3. Alex says:

    Jeff, totally disagree. They’re just keeping their options open. They’re laying low but I bet they wind up getting him on a 2 year deal. Then we’ll trade either winn or lewis, DFA roberts…

  4. Q says:

    The Giants can’t afford him. Very few teams can. The Dodgers can, and won’t get outbid on a one or two year deal (unless the Yankees decide they haven’t spent enough this offseason yet). And Manny enjoyed his time there and seems comfortable. He’ll end up back in LA…probably 2 years/50mil with an option year…something like that.

  5. Drew says:

    Like everyone else, I expect Manny to end up back with the Dodgers. And, as a Giants fan, I’m not at all certain I want him even at a discounted price. That said, for the first time I think there is a reasonable (perhaps as high as 40%) chance Manny signs with the Giants. I think the Dodgers have decided to play a public game of chicken and it could just peeve Manny and Boras enough to accept a two year deal that with incentives could generate $47 to $50 Million. If so, I think the Giants would bite the bullet and take a flyer that they could steal the division with a two year deal with a base of $40 Million and the balance in incentives. In short, for Boras’ image and business development purposes, I think the Dodgers now will have to offer more than the Giants would be willing to spend to retain Manny. Boras wants to be a king maker and it would suit him to “punish the Dodgers” and Manny has already shown he is stubborn, maleable and goofy enough to play along.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I know that I am in the minority but with Manny’s track record why don’t we just sign him to a 4 year deal for 18-20 Million per. He is going to force you to trade him in 2 years anyway. Just dump him at that point and cut your loses.

  7. Eric says:

    Two years ago Manny hit .296, with 20 HR’s and 88 RBI while acting like a total jackass in Boston. That’s not the type of guy who you give $25 Mil a year for 2 to 3 years!!!!!!! I know he had an amazing two month run with the Dodger’s last season but it wouldn’t be smart to pay a player based on a short burst at the end of the year.

    The Giant’s should only sign Manny if he’s a bargain and based on the 3 offers he has already turned down from the Dodgers, he isn’t going to come cheaply.

  8. DC says:

    Eric hit the nail on the head! I mean, who knows if that lightning in the bottle he portrayed with the Dodgers will come back? He was slipping the last couple of years anyway. I no want!

  9. Alex says:

    lightning in a bottle? please, he’s won everywhere he’s gone, he’s hit everywhere he’s gone…and .296 20HRs 88RBI is likely better than any giant will do this year

  10. Mike says:

    I think the Giants have already seen the trouble with tying up 25% of the payroll with one player of questionable desire and clubhouse presence (see Barry Bonds). If they were one player away and they thought this was “the year” maybe they sign up for 25M. This team has too many holes for that to work. Hopefully the at least drive the price up for LA…

  11. Jeremy says:

    Give him 3 years/$60M and lock up the NL West. With $31.5M coming off the books at the end of ’09 in RJ, Molina, Winn, Roberts, and Howry and all the young talent coming up the Giants have the ability to add this kind of payroll… especially if it gives them their first playoff appearance in 5 years and makes them into legit WS contenders.

    At the very least this sells out the stadium for the season, and sells thousands of Manny t-shirts and jerseys. This is as low-risk a large contract as you’re going to find and it doesn’t hamstring the team’s payroll. No-brainer….

  12. Anonymous says:

    Eric, you forgot this stat from 2007: World Championships, 1

  13. Richard says:

    Media: Would you like a Rolex watch?
    Giants: No, They’re too expensive.
    Media: What if you could have this Rolex watch for $100.00?
    Giants: Rolex watches don’t cost $100.00…
    Media: Well, let’s just say that all the planets aligned and you could have a real Rolex for $100.00?
    Giants: Well, yeah then. If we could have a Rolex for $100.00 we’d be all over it.
    (Insert Manny Ramirez for Rolex and 2 years @ 20 million per for $100.00)

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