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Posted By on February 6, 2009 5:35 pm

Got a couple of interesting ones. This first one comes from Nic..

I have heard that the Twins are shopping Delmon Young for a reliever. I am well aware that Young has not yet lived up to his original hype. Nonetheless, there is no denying his tremendous talent and upside. He has proven he can hit for average, steal bases, and field his position well in the bigs, and he has proven in the minors that he can hit for power. All that said, he is 23 and I feel he will be a very good No. 3 hitter for quite some time. I think with the wealth of young pitching that the Giants already have, if the Twins are willing, the Giants should trade Sanchez for Young…

First of all, I have no¬†independent knowledge that the Twins are actually shopping Delmon Young or that the Giants are interested in him. That said, it’s an interesting thought because Young and Sanchez are similar. Both are guys with a lot of talent who haven’t quite put it together. If I’m in the Giants shoes, with Lincecum and Cain already in the fold, I’d rather have the position player than another pitcher. It’s likely that neither Young nor Sanchez will end up being much of anything, but I’d rather have what Young could become than what Sanchez could become.

Nic went on to list his potential Giants lineup for 2011-12…

CF – Fred Lewis
3B – Conor Gillaspie
LF – Delmon Young
1B – Angel Villalona
C – Buster Posey
2B – Nick Noonan
RF – Aaron Rowand/Nate Schierholtz
SS – Ehire Adrianza

SPs – Lincecum, Cain, Bumgarner, Alderson, Zito
RP – Wilson

What, no Pablo Sandoval? I also don’t really see Fred Lewis playing center field. If he’s not good enough to play there now (and remember, the Giants tried him there in the minors), he’s not going to be good enough to play there when he’s 30 or 31.

Then there was this draft-related question from Michael…

Do elite high school players and their advisors/agents often try to dictate who drafts them? For instance, I find it surprising that Jason Heywardlasted to the 14th pick in 2007 and am suspicious why the team that finally selected him was the team in his own backyard, the Braves. I think it is totally conceivable that Heyward’s advisors could have put out the word that he would choose to go to college unless he was selected by the Braves or any other team he favored. Although I am glad the Giants actually selected Bumgarner, they could also have used a prospect like Heyward in their system. And this year, since the Giants select right before the Braves, I wonder if such a scenario could play out with Donovan Tate, who hails from the Georgia region and who could be one of the most sought after high schoolers in this draft.

Michael, I assure you that this does happen all the time. Players and their advisors might not so much specify a team, but they make it clear that they want a load of money. Many teams will simply pass on them because of that.

At the time the Giants drafted Bumgarner, I was publicly critcal of them for passing on Scott Boras client Rick Porcello. Porcello¬†was said to be the best high school pitcher in the country, but he didn’t get picked until No. 27. Porcello is doing OK, but I’d rather have Bumgarner.


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  1. Jeremy says:

    One thing about Nic’s proposed Giants lineup with Delmon, he has one of the best arms in all of baseball. Delmon would play RF no question.

  2. Nat Busichio says:

    He better have the arm of Dwight Evans x that of Ichiro to offset his bad offensive output which would likely suffer from hitting in AT&T rather than the Metrodome. Actually, other than the fact that he’s not yet past his prime, he’s a perfect Sabean-type player – a free-swinger who refuses to walk. A total of 72 walks in nearly 1,350 career ABs is unbelievably bad. It doesn’t matter if you hit .290 if your OBP is only in the .330 neighborhood, that BA is means even less when he hits only 10-15 HRs a year.

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