Will the Thrill or Barry?

Posted By on January 29, 2009 1:50 am

While I believe it’s common knowledge that the Giants drafted Barry Bonds out of high school, failing to sign him and letting him go to Arizona State, I think most people don’t realize that the Giants had another shot at Bonds after his junior year at ASU… and passed on him.

To take Will Clark.

Yes, the Giants picked Clark with the No. 2 overall pick in the 1985 draft, while Bonds waited until the Pirates grabbed him at No. 6.

So I submit this question to Giants Nation: Do you wish the Giants would have taken Bonds instead of Clark in 1985? How do you think Giants history may have turned out differently?

Since this is sort of an essay question, if you have a really long answer you might want to type it up in another program then cut-and-paste it into the comments box here, so it doesn’t get eaten.


5 Responses to “Will the Thrill or Barry?”

  1. Mark says:

    I think things worked out about as well as they possibly could have. Will Clark peaked earlier the Barry Bonds and was the better player in the last 80′s. It took Barry until 1990 to become the better player. Having Barry 90-92 instead of Will would not have mattered much as the rest of the Giants were no match for the rest of the Pirates. Plus things could have gotten worse. It could have been the Giants that lost Bonds to free agency after 92 and then responded by signing Clark in free agency after 93. I like the reality that actually happened much better then this alternative.

  2. obsessivegiantscompulsive says:

    I’m OK with how that turned out. Who knows, maybe Barry wears out his welcome and takes off when he goes free agent.

    I think the bigger question is what if instead of selecting Alan Cockerell, the Giants instead selected the player I wanted them to pick: Mark McGwire.

    Now, the defense would be horrible on the left side of the infield, but can you imagine if the Giants fielded Clark at 1B, Thompson at 2B, Williams at SS, and McGwire at 3B (he played 3B for the A’s his first full season until the rookie 1B played his way off the team), with Kevin Mitchell in LF, Brett Butler in CF, and Barry Bonds in RF (because that’s the other fantasy portion of his post, the Giants signed Barry out of HS instead of letting him go; now THAT GM was an idiot).


  3. David Frank says:

    That was an interesting thought. I think that things turned-out just right. Both players are SF legends in my mind. I would like to see the Giants bring back Bonds, in the same type of capacity as Clark. I think the fans would enjoy seeing Barry, amp; he has a ton of baseball knowledge. It would be a nice way to reward their greatest player of the modern baseball era.

  4. johnthecomicguy says:

    I could not imagine a young Barry fitting in on the Humm Baby Giants.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wouldn’t trade what happened for anything. Will Clark was the ultimate Giant. I love Robby Thompson but we should have signed Will in ’93 and kept him, Matt Williams & Bonds together. Instead of having Bonds’ prime wasted with Cory Snyder, Todd Benzinger & Mark Carreon.

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