Remember this A’s fans?

Posted By on January 19, 2009 1:58 pm

You will be amused to read what’s going on with Rich Harden and the Cubs right now. It’s also interesting to read a Cubs blog and see how their fans are frustrated with his injuries. They’re complaining about dealing with this for three months? You dealt with it for five years.

All this, to me, is further proof that Billy Beane did the right thing trading Harden when he did. At the time they dealt him in July, he was healthy and pitching well. His value was at its absolute highest. If you ignore Matt Murton and Eric Patterson — complementary players — they still got a pitcher who has top-of-the-rotation stuff (Sean Gallagher) and a minor-league catcher who has been highly touted (Josh Donaldson).

If the A’s had kept Harden, they still would not have made the playoffs, and now they’d be either trying to trade him (with much less value, since he’s hurt) or staring at the possibility of going into the season with him as a rotation question mark and then either trading him in July (with less value because he’d be a two-month rental) or losing him at the end of ’09 as a free agent.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Better hope Iggy and Lowell Cohn don’t catch a whiff of this blog post. If they do they’ll start railing on and on about how terrible the Harden deal was, how Beane is clueless and how you’re drinking too much Kool-Aid.

    For my money, the Harden trade worked out just fine for everyone involved.

    Harden’s worth the risk for a contending team like the Cubs and the A’s got what they wanted in terms of prospects and payroll flexibility.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    I am not really amused but I definitely think it validates the trade. I am likewise tired of the Gaudin love I hear from my fellow A’s fans.BR/BR/Chad Gaudin had one good half season as a starter. He has been pretty terrible at throwing strikes otherwise.BR/BR/I really wish both Gaudin and Harden well, but reality says that they probably won’t ever really be what anyone ever thought they were cracked up to be. I feel like Dennis Green writing that out.

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