Here’s an idea for the Giants offense

Posted By on January 12, 2009 8:50 pm

What if there were a left fielder out there who was money in the bank for 40 dingers, but his outfield defense was pretty questionable?

There is, of course. Actually, there are two of them.

One is the Dreadlocked One: Manny Ramirez. I think there has been enough web space and ink devoted to this silly rumor. I firmly believe that the Manny to the Giants thing was nothing more than a trial balloon floated by Scott Boras to get more money out of the Dodgers. So let’s forget about Manny.

How about Adam Dunn?

You scoff, of course, because to you Adam Dunn is some sort of cartoon, a guy who looks like Will Farrell and strikes out a billion times a season and turns routine fly balls into doubles. Forget all that, though.

Over the past five seasons, do you know how many players have had at least four seasons with a slugging percentage over .500 and an on-base percentage over .370? There are only 11 (who are still active, discounting the Giants last left fielder):

Mark Teixeira
Alex Rodriguez
Albert Pujols
Lance Berkman
David Wright
Chase Utley
Chipper Jones
Manny Ramirez
David Ortiz
Vladimir Guerrero
Adam Dunn

That’s pretty good company. Forget about his whiffs and propsensity to hit .240. Ryan Howard does the same thing, but people fall all over themselves to love him. The game is about getting on base, scoring runs and driving them in. Dunn does that.

In years past, Dunn might have cost the Giants big money, but nowadays you can go down to Costco and pick up nice free agents right next to the 40-gallon drums of olive oil. If Pat Burrell is getting $8 mil a year and Jason Giambi is getting $4 mil, I’ll bet Dunn could be had for $12 million. Say, four years, $48 million. Less than Aaron Rowand.

Yes, getting Dunn would cost Fred Lewis his job. Well, Lewis is 28 and coming off major foot surgery. How much better do you think he’s going to get? Here’s a newsflash: We’ve seen what Fred Lewis is. He’s got some speed and some power, a solid fourth outfielder on a good team.

So if the Giants were even considering signing Manny for whatever ransom Scott Boras is asking, there is no reason they shouldn’t also be strongly considering Dunn, who has to be getting more affordable by the day.


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  1. Mark says:

    Pointless. Adam Dunn hates hitting at Mays Field. Didn’t you notice his reaction to two of his bombs landing in Winn’s glove in triples alley? Dunn is very unlikely to sign to play here at any price and even if the money wins him over he is unlikely to hit here because Mays Field has gotten into his head.

    If you recall Sabean has said that the Giants considered a pair of potential LF to 1B conversions (Dunn and Burrell) but decided not to pursue them because the lefty didn’t want to play 1B (an excuse not to play at Mays Field?) and the righthander would let in almost as many runs on defense as he would add on offense.

    By the way according to modern statistical analysis Adam Dunn’s combined offense and defense in 2008;position=OF

    was worth 6.4 runs and .7 wins less then Fred Lewis’;position=OF

  2. Mark says:

    By the way, inspite of my disagreement with you on Dunn I do enjoy still being able to read you thru your new blog. Keep it going more will come as the word spreads.

  3. Jeff Fletcher says:

    Thanks Mark. You are correct that the Dunn thing is perhaps a bit of a stretch because of the lefty thing. I just bring it up because I think it’s interesting that Dunn gets so little publicity as one of the better all-around offensive players in the game. If the Giants are willing to sell-out for Manny (and I question whether they really are), why not do it for Dunn?

  4. Robert and Anna says:

    Jeff, Heard you on the radio this morning. I look forward to some solid writing on the Giants! Keep up the good work! P.S. got any opening day tickets? :) I just got my Auth. Timmy jersey for Xmas!

  5. Jon says:

    I agree with Dunn and can you explain why Sabean is so against going for a guy with one year left on his contract. If Nady does not work out, we can trade him and get a prospect or two. I think Sabean’s logic is flawed in this area. Thanks for the blog, I will read it a couple times a day.

  6. Jeff Fletcher says:

    Hey Jon, as for Nady, I can’t say for certain that Sabean is against getting him, because he can’t comment on players under contract. The reasons I’d be leery of Nady, though, are many:

    He’s coming off a year in which he probably overperformed.

    He’s arbitration eligible (and Scott Boras is his agent), so the Giants would to have to pay a lot for that big year.

    He plays a position at which the Giants already have a players. If they are going to disrupt the outfield, it should be for a premium player, not a guy like Nady.

    Thanks for checking in!

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